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Effective Teaching

Our Effective Teaching Campaign is a long-term commitment to supporting effective teaching policies in Oakland. 

Research confirms what many educators, parents and students know intuitively -- no other in-school factor has more of an impact on a student's achievement than the effectiveness of their teacher. 

Some of the greatest actions we can take as a community are to support our teachers, ensure all students have access to effective teaching, and our highest needs students have equitable access to our most highly effective teachers.

In this campaign GO works to develop our network of parent and teacher leaders to advance five core policy goals to support effective teaching in Oakland public schools:

  • Assignment: Ensuring that teacher assignment policies increase student access to effective teaching and allow school communities a voice in determining the composition of their staff
  • Compensation: Prioritize increasing teacher compensation to ensure that OUSD attracts and retains highly-skilled educators
  • Evaluation System: Creating a fair evaluation system that includes multiple measures of good teaching and student growth while emphasizing professional growth and support for teachers
  • Leadership and Career Pathways: Creating teacher career and leadership pathways that ensure that Oakland's best teachers deeply influence policy and decision-making, and lead to greater responsibility, compensation, and mentoring of other teachers
  • Principal Development: Ensuring that principals are given the training and support necessary to provide strong instructional leadership and fair, meaningful evaluations of staff that increase the capacity of teachers to meet the needs of students

We are organizing campaign activities to focus on three strategy areas: 

  • Increasing teacher leadership
  • Increasing community leadership
  • Organizational research and advocacy

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Increasing teacher leadership

TPF home page artNEW.jpg
GO's Teacher Policy Fellowship is a yearlong, stipended opportunity for a small cohort of current Oakland teachers to Learn, Think, and Lead about the future of education. 

We are committed to the principle that students will be better served if teachers are deeply involved with decision making. The goal of this fellowship is to develop and facilitate a community of policy fellows who are fully engaged with current leadership opportunities and brokering additional opportunities where none currently exist. 

Read more about GO's Teacher Policy Fellowship here.

Organizational research and advocacy


NCTQ study on teacher policies and practices in Oakland
What is the one authority OUSD principals say they need more than anything else? How well are Oakland's 2,640 teachers paid compared to neighboring districts? Does tenure matter? How diverse is Oakland's teaching workforce? What supports are Oakland teachers asking for to improve the classroom experience for students?

You can now find answers to these questions, and many more, in an in-depth 2013 study that examines teacher quality policies and practices in OUSD conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) called "Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in Oakland."

The study was commissioned by a diverse group of Oakland social justice, education, community and labor organizations that formed the Effective Teaching Coalition: Oakland Community Organizations (OCO), Youth Together, Youth Uprising, GO Public Schools Leadership Center, SEIU Local 1021, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Education Trust-West.

Click here to download the study.

What You Can Do Right Now

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