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August 28 OUSD board meeting preview: Special Education Framework

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The Oakland Unified School District Board of Education will hold a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 28 at La Escuelita Education Center, located at 1025 2nd Avenue. Open session starts at 6 pm.

Click here to download the agenda.

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City of Oakland Council - Board of Education Election Districts - Decennial Redistricting
Every 10 years, the City of Oakland adjusts the boundaries of its City Council districts to reflect population change. The city is currently in the midst of this process, with the City Council adopting criteria for the process in June, and the city began holding town halls for residents in July. The second round of town halls begin September 5.

For more information on the redistricting process, and the dates and times of the town hall meetings, click here.

Report - Special Education Framework - Superintendent of Schools
Acting Superintendent Gary Yee and Sheilagh Andujar, Associate Superintendent, Programs for Exceptional Children will lead a presentation on the status of OUSD Special Education for the 2013-2014 school year in these areas:
  • A work plan to implement recommendations cited in Dr. Marilyn Shepard's Special Education Framework Report 
  • A spending plan for the use of $700,000 in one-time resources
  • A calendar for Community Advisory Committee reports to the Board of Education
Click here to download a power point presentation on Special Education.

Report - 2013-2014 District Budget - Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent Yee will lead a presentation on the District's 2013-2014 budget in these areas: 
  • The Human Resources Department's plan to use $300,000 in one-time resources to leverage non-District funding to develop an integrated Human Capital Data Management System and implement performance evaluation pilots (GO advocated for this funding last spring - click here to read more)
  • The Quality, Accountability & Analytics Department's Plan to use $500,000 in one-time resources to leverage non-District funding to implement continuous improvement for schools identified through School Quality Review
  • Status of Local Control Funding Formula final 2013-2014 Revenue Allocation and Accountability Requirements
Report - District's California Standardized Test Results - 2012-2013 Academic Year - Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent Yee will lead a presentation on 2012-2013 California Standardized Test (CST).

According to Yee's presentation, "overall, OUSD showed modest loss in the percent of students scoring Proficient or Advanced on the California Standards Test/California Modified Assessment (CST/CMA) for 2013."

That includes:
  • A 2.1 percent loss in Proficient/Advanced on the CST/CMA English Language Arts, for grades 2-11 (from 44 percent to 42 percent)
  • A 3.3 percent loss in Proficient/Advanced on the CST/CMA Mathematics, for grades 2-11 (from 43 percent to 40 percent)

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation.

Oakland Unified School Police Department - Bi-Annual Report - Public Complaints Process and Complaints Reports Policy - January 2013 - June 2013
The Oakland School Police is required to produce a bi-annual report on complaints made by the public, as well as the process and the complaint report policy.

Chief James Williams will present a summary of the complaints made to the department from January until June 2013.

Click here to download a PDF summary of the complaints.

Report - The Impact of Policing On Oakland Youth 
The Black Organizing Project, ACLU of Northern California and Public Counsel Law Center will present their report "From Report Card to Criminal Record: The Impact of Policing Oakland Youth."

According to the executive summary, the report "reveals disturbing trends in disproportionate arrests and law enforcement contacts with youth of color, coupled with the underfunding of counselors, mental health professionals, and others whose presence could work to reduce the need for law enforcement."

The information from the report comes from data obtained directly from OUSD, the Oakland School Police Department, the Oakland Police Department, and Alameda County Probation.

Click here to download the executive summary of the report.

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