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Oakland Achieves: A Public Education Progress Report

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On Wednesday, February 27th, we will be releasing Oakland Achieves: A Public Education Progress Report. We have been working for months with three partner organizations -- Oakland Schools Foundation, Urban Strategies Council, and the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce -- to create this report.

When we speak with Oakland residents about improving our schools, we consistently hear that it's difficult to know how our students are doing and how they compare with students of similar backgrounds. Many of us working in and around schools find the publicly-available information about student achievement to be confusing, limited, and challenging to use.

This first annual report--focused on key student outcomes--is our collective effort to create a comprehensive, clear, and actionable progress report. We hope that over time, families, students, teachers, principals, as well as community and civic leaders turn to this data to understand how Oakland schools are performing and what changes need to be made to ensure that each and every student has access to the opportunities they deserve.

When the report is released next Wednesday, we are excited to convene community conversations and discuss areas where Oakland students are thriving, and where they are not. We are hosting a series of webinars where we will be walking participants through the report findings. Space is limited. Please click the links below to sign up to join a webinar.

  • Webinar #1 - Wednesday, February 27th - 4:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Webinar #2 - Thursday, February 28th - 10:30am - 11:30am
  • Webinar #3 - Tuesday, March 5th - 4pm - 5pm

Download the report here on February 27:
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