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February 27 OUSD board meeting preview

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The Oakland Unified School District Board of Education will hold a regularly-scheduled meeting on Wednesday, February 27 in The Great Room of the La Escuelita Education Center located at 1050 2nd Avenue.

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On the agenda this week, the board will discuss whether "substantial evidence" exists to revoke the charters of three schools managed by American Indian Model Schools, if Adult Education programs should be further scaled back to save money for other programs, a report on attendance in the district (as part of OUSD's Balanced Scorecard initiative), and a presentation by on the status of developing of a Quality School Development Policy.

Public Hearing - Revocation - American Indian Public Charter School, American Indian Public Charter School II, American Indian Public High School
The OUSD board voted 6-1 at its January 23 meeting to issue a "Notice of Intent to Revoke/Notice of Facts In Support of Revocation" to three schools managed by American Indian Model Schools - American Indian Public Charter School, American Indian Public Charter School II and American Indian Public High School.

The board then had 30 days after the notice was issued to schedule a public hearing, which is why this item will go before the board on Wednesday. The board has 60 days after its initial ruling on January 23 to decide whether to close the schools.

Click here to read our report from the January 23 meeting.

Click here to download a letter from Superintendent Tony Smith to the AIMS community about why he supports revoking the charters.

Reduction and/or Elimination of Particular Kinds of Service - Certificated Layoff, based upon the needs of the District for the 2013-2014 School Year
Two years ago, OUSD made substantial cuts to its Adult Education program "to reach fiscal solvency" according to a staff report.

Because of an anticipated federal funding reduction of $14 million, Superintendent Tony Smith is now recommending the district eliminate "all of the teaching, teacher on special assignment and certified administrator positions for OUSD's Adult Education program." The cuts would save an estimated $1 million, according to a report from Superintendent Smith's office.

Click here to download the report

Presentation by Board President and Superintendent of Schools on status of the development of a Quality School Development Policy
One of the board's five strategic priorities for 2013 is establishing a Quality School Development Policy, in order to "foster the development of higher-quality, higher-performing full-service community schools by integrating School Quality Review, School Governance, and Diverse Provider frameworks and standards" according to OUSD's 2013 Work Plan.

Click here to download the board's 2013 Work Plan.

Balanced Accountability Scorecard Report - Pupil Attendance
In September, the board unanimously approved the Balanced Scorecard initiative - "measurable goals for student achievement," and "measurable goals for operational excellence" at the recommendation of Director David Kakishiba (District 2).

On Wednesday, the board will hear a report on attendance, especially the district's response to chronic absenteeism.

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