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Will our next City Council members support education?

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Will our next City Council members support Oakland's schools?

We asked each of the candidates for City Council to respond to ten questions about Oakland education issues. Questions such as:

  • What specific actions will you take to ensure students have safe routes to and from school?
  • Of the city's current initiatives in support of ensuring all students have access to a high quality education, which do you think are the most effective? Are there initiatives you would eliminate or change?
  • Do you support state revenue initiatives Proposition 30, Proposition 38, or local Measure J - OUSD's facilities bond measure to ensure safe, healthy schools?
We hope to help voters understand how different council candidates would (or would not) work to partner, collaborate, prioritize, and leverage resources to support our children and schools.
All candidates received the initial request via email and were sent two follow up emails encouraging them to respond. We will post any additional responses that come in after this email to our website.

Click on a candidate's name below for their answers.

Together, the city council and school board control approximately $1.6 billion annually to invest in services and support for our community.
These races are critically important for our children and youth across the city. Thanks for taking time to review this important information and for being an "education voter" this election day. Please consider sharing this non-partisan information with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and list serves.

Candidates are listed in the same order they appear on the Office of the City Clerk's list of qualified candidates:

District 1
Amy Lemley
Donald L. Macleay
Richard Raya
Leonard Raphael (Did not return survey)
Dan Kalb (Did not return survey)
Craig Brandt (Did not return survey)
Gordon A. "Don" Link (Did not return survey) 

District 3
Sean Sullivan (Did not return survey)
Derrick Muhammad (Did not return survey)
Lynette Gibson-McElhaney
Alex Miller-Cole
Larry Lionel Young, Jr.
Nyeisha DeWitt  

District 5
Shelly Garza (Did not return survey)
Noel Gallo
Mario Juarez (Did not return survey)
Dawn McMahon  

District 7
Beverly Williams

Sheryl Walton
Larry Reid (Did not return survey)

At Large
Ignacio De La Fuente (Did not return survey)
Rebecca Kaplan (Did not return survey)
Theresa Anderson-Downs (Did not return survey)
Mick Storm (Did not return survey)
Carol Lee Tolbert

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