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October 24 OUSD board meeting preview

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The Oakland Unified School District will hold a regularly-scheduled meeting on Wednesday, October 22. A rundown of some of the key items on the agenda:

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Oversubscription of Kindergarten Seats - Crocker Highlands Elementary School Attendance Boundaries
According to a report from the David Kakishiba, the District 2 Director, Crocker Highlands has too many applicants for kindergarten classes. At the end of the options process this January, the elementary school had 113 applicants, but only 75 seats available. An additional kindergarten class was added this year to mitigate the problem.

One way to remedy the problem, Kakishiba writes in his report, would be to move the Western boundary of the school from Grand Avenue to Lakeshore Avenue. No action on the boundary will be taken this week though--Kakishiba is recommending the board vote to allow Superintendent Tony Smith to take possible action on the oversubscription problem at the December 12 board meeting.

Click here to read the letter.

Collective Bargaining Agreement - California School Employees Association (representing school police officers)
The board will vote on whether to accept a tentative agreement between the district and the union that represents School Police Officers.

According to Alameda County Superintendent Sheila Jordan, who reviewed the tentative agreement, it provides:

  • An annual uniform allowance of $800 for each officer
  • A five-percent pay increase for a shift worked with a canine or on a motorcycle
  • A quarterly dues contribution of $150 for each officer
  • Payment of all costs associated with care of canines utilized by the district

The total cost to the district over the next two years will be approximately $65,000 according to Jordan.

Click here to read the report.

Memorandum of Understanding between the District and Youth Together
The board will vote on a recommendation from the Superintendent's office that the district enter into an agreement with Youth Together for after school programs at Skyline High. The programs include math intervention, homework support, student supervision and a variety of enrichment services. Skyline is one of four sites in the East Bay supported by Youth Together. Castlemont, Fremont and Richmond are the others. The one-year contract is for $176,480.

Click here to read the contract.

Professional Services Contracts and other fiscal items
For each of the remaining items on the agenda, the board will vote on items that concern the district's budget.

A majority of the items are professional service contracts with various organizations that provide services including tutoring for students in foster care and group homes, conflict resolution, analyzing student performance data, counseling services, and over a dozen more.

Go here to see the entire agenda

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