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YES on J: Students need healthy meals to succeed!

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That's what actor, author and talk show host Aisha Tyler said in Oakland last month while talking about the need for healthy school lunches with real food.

And, she added, "Oakland is a leader in this cause."

Oakland certainly is a leader in the healthy school food movement. Passing Measure J on November 6 will go a long way to ensuring all kids, district-wide, are eating healthy food every day. 

Among other improvements, Measure J will help fund upgrades to kitchens throughout Oakland's public schools, and create a central kitchen in West Oakland. This is vitally important for a district where 70 percent of the students are eligible for free or reduced-priced meals. 

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Read more in the Bay Citizen about how Measure J would help improve the kitchen's in Oakland public schools.

Click here to download a Measure J fact sheet

You can also pick up a "Yes on J" sign at the GO office: 472 Water Street in Jack London Square, and also in North Oakland at 480 Hardy Street.

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