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Board Agenda Watch Notes & Video - Wednesday, March 14th

In School Board Watch

Below is a recap of Wednesday's board meeting.

Important updates from Superintendent Smith:

  • First, in light of the infamous "March 15th pink slip date," Superintendent Smith formally announced that there will be zero anticipatory layoff notices given this year. You can see his presentation here or below.

  • Second, there was a presentation by Principal Rosette Costello from Peralta Elementary School about the successes that they have seen at their site. Click here or below for the presentation, which includes a student-created digital arts project about the geological formation of Yosemite. 

New Business 

  • The Board unanimously approved a continuation of the PARS program that offers an early retirement incentive to classified and certificated staff. Superintendent Smith explained that this had been requested as an option by some OUSD teachers, particularly ones in schools that are closing this year. 
  • Vernon Hal gave a long update during the Second Interim Financial Report on that status of OUSD's financial health. Alice Spearman led discussions on increasing the reserve funds to 4% (from the current 3%), which was Mr. Hal state was not feasible since the State of California was deferring funds to OUSD (as has been customary in recent years). This does not imply that there are financial challenges, but that OUSD's cash flow is altered at times due to the deferral of funds from the state. The Board and Tony Smith also discussed the impact that potential 2012 ballot initiatives would have on the District's revenue. Click here to watch that conversation. 

General Consent Report

  • Specific point of interest: This item was a contract approval of up to $50,000 to provide implementation support for the opening and operation of the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area Community School. This is a school that tried to negotiate being an in-district charter school, however, these agreements were never reached and thus the organization submitted an independent charter application and was approved unanimously the current OUSD Board. The funds for this contract will come from OUSD, which Director Kakishiba called a "strategic investment" to support the success for what all Board members recognized as a disadvantaged population of students. The Board and the District have concentrated their efforts to support African American males through the creation of The Department of African American Male Achievement and an emphasis on ensuring the success of this population in the district's strategic plan, Thriving Students. This item was approved through the supporting votes from Directors Gallo, Spearman, Kakishiba, and Hinton Hodge.

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, March 28th - Regular Meeting

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